I Want to eat your pancreas

voglio mangiare il tuo pancreas


I want to eat your pancreas is a 2018 feature film directed by Shinichirō Ushijima who gained experience as assistant director in One Punch Man.

The film is based on the 2014 novel of the same name by Yoru Sumino which sold over 2 million copies. In 2016 a manga was adapted and subsequently in 2017 also a live action.

Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai is a film that strikes in the depths of our hearts with the emotions it transmits, but which strikes with kindness and an almost unnatural naturalness.


The story begins with Haruki Shiga, a high school student who is very shy. One day in the hospital she finds a very personal and important notebook, or her diary of Sakura’s secret illness, a class of her own.

In the diary is written the male who is afflicting the girl, and is a terminal illness.

The boy becomes and decides to be the guardian of Sakura’s secret and spends more time with her because of what he has read.

The two boys decide to spend a few days together during a summer vacation and follow that period to get to know each other even more. After the holiday, Sakura invites Haruki to his house to be able to listen to the book of “The Little Prince” because Haruki is a great reader.

Sakura and Haruki arrived to meet, until the girl is hospitalized and her stay that must last a few days will last in a few weeks.

Haruki will visit Sakura often and we will discover one evening from her hospital prison to go and see the fireworks. During that moment, I should hug him in a very romantic way and Sakura tells the boy that when the time comes, he won’t be late to let him know.

Sakura proposes to Haruki to meet in a club after a long exchange of messages that end with Haruki’s with the words “I want to eat your pancreas”. The boy will wait in vain but after several hours the girl will not show up.

Opinions and Reflections

I want to eat your pancreas has a very classic and characteristic direction of the little marked characters, but it remains a very interesting and very enjoyable animated film. Clearly you shouldn’t expect a quality product equal to Your name. It is also necessary to consider that I want to eat your pancreas had a significantly lower production budget but certainly did not affect the goodness of the work itself.

The animations and colors are gentle and never too accessible for most of the projection of the music of Hiroko Sebu passes the 108-minute duration of the film without problems.



Here on the side you can find the Bluray of I want to eat your pancreas

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