Weathering with you

Tenki no ko


Makoto Shinkai is undoubtedly the most appreciated and loved anime director in this period.

After the debut with “Beyond the clouds, the promised place”, having subdued the audience with “5 cm per second”, having enchanted with “The garden of words” and having achieved great fame and admiration with “Your Name“, the director takes the camera back with Weathering with you where feelings are still the foundation of the story.

Weathering With You represents an exciting and poetic chapter in the career of Makoto Shinkai, which fills the viewer with the heart thanks to his stories created with imperfect people who are looking for real feelings, emotions and even themselves.


Weathering with you tells the story of Hodaka, a 16-year-old boy who lives on a remote island in Japan. The reality in which he lives makes him feel suffocated and therefore decides to flee his home by moving to the capital, Tokyo.

During his escape, the ship on which he is embarked encounters a terrible storm and in this situation he meets Keisuke Suga, editor of a Tokyo magazine.

Unfortunately once the Hodaka has arrived in the city his life begins to become more and more difficult as being a minor fleeing from home he cannot find any job and the frequent thunderstorms due to time out of control in Tokyo do not help in the least.

One day Hodaka reunites with Mr. Suga who hires him as his editor in the occult magazine that he directs.

Thanks to this job he gets to know Hina, an 18-year-old solar girl who lives with her younger brother. After a terrible first encounter between the two, a deep feeling arises and Hodaka learns of Hina’s extraordinary ability to make the solo shine simply by praying.

The two thus decide to increase their earnings with the power of Hina, but the reckless use of this ability is not without risk and involves a much higher price to pay than what the two expected.

Opinions and Reflections

Weathering with you is a well-built film product from an amazing graphic sector whose scenes are cloyingly beautiful and satisfy the sight.

It is made by Comix Wave Films with Hiroshi Takiguchi as Artistic Director and all accompanied by music composed by the Radwimps group who also dealt with the music of Your Name.

Weathering with you has a duration of 112 minutes and all the while it keeps you anchored to the armchair for the great characterization of the characters, the profound themes dealt with and as said before the amazing visual and audio compartment all united by the skill of Makoto Shinkai.


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